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Training Training and Performance Training Support Services

Training Support Services
ITP provides a full range of logistical, administrative, property management, and technical support services to both public and private training and educational institutions.

In addition to our design and development of curricula, we offer:
  • Training program and management analysis
  • Resources and business management support
  • School House management
  • Installation and configuration of learning and content management systems
  • Implementation of collaboration and training management systems based on Microsoft SharePoint
  • Logistical support
  • Property management
  • Equipment operators
  • Munitions support
  • Armorer support
  • Shipping, receiving, tagging, storage, and issuance of equipment and supplies
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Safety Program
  • Fleet vehicle management support
  • Safeguards and Security
Our experience includes:
  • Management of the NNSA Emergency Operations Training Academy, a center of excellence for training emergency responders in DOE, DHS and State and Local agencies.
  • Training management and support for the NNSA Office of Secure Transportation (NA-15) training center and preparing more than 400 federal agents a year to protect nuclear shipments on public highways
  • Managing job assessments and individual training program development for federal Safeguards and Security personnel in the DOE Office of Civilian Waste Management
  • Implementing structured curriculum development tools and processes to link the DOE Human Capital Initiative efforts with the public education system in support of the Los Alamos National Laboratory