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Cyber Security Overview
Cyber Security Solutions

Technology Consulting and Products
We offer a one-stop source for business network architecture consulting including network design and implementation, information security, hardware, software maintenance – even employee training.

We specialize in the design and management of unclassified sensitive and classified computer systems and have particular expertise in applying federal guidelines and industry best practices to ensure the reliability, integrity, and confidentiality of data and network systems. Our unique perspective often identifies opportunities and encourages the innovation that has been lost in an organization.

Recent examples of our work in this area include:
  • Deploying a nationwide SharePoint enterprise to foster communication and collaboration in the emergency response community
  • Supporting the NNSA Office of Secure Transportation in the implementation of risk assessment and cyber security countermeasures
  • Conducting security assessments of critical local government IT assets
  • Engineering requirements studies for the Office of Secure Transportation
  • Supporting NNSA’s Complex Transformation planning initiatives evaluating the use of commercial off-the-shelf equipment
  • Supporting school districts and charter schools in New Mexico by designing flexible and efficient computer networks and identifying future paths for the implementation of technology to enhance learning
  • Supporting schools, pueblos, and other statewide organizations to develop a long-range strategy for the implementation of broadband and wireless telecommunications infrastructure