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  Intelligence Analytic Services Overview Intelligence Analytic Services Overview  
Intelligence Analytic Services Overview



Intelligence Team

ITP Intelligence Services

ITP combines intelligence expertise, tactical know-how, and an extensive network of industry partners to provide full scope intelligence services for many different types of clients and missions. We offer everything from tactical to predictive products and tailor our processes and deliverables to each client’s exact specifications.

ITP intelligence services include:
  • Collecting information regarding threats
  • Analyzing information and potential risks
  • Providing actionable intelligence to mitigate threats
  • Producing products –such as briefs and reports-- in the following categories:
    • Indications and warnings
    • Current intelligence
    • Counterintelligence
    • Estimative intelligence
Because our highly skilled team members have been an integral part of the intelligence community for decades, they have a comprehensive understanding of the systems, missions, and processes related to intelligence gathering and analysis. We also leverage our extensive connections with government agencies, military organizations, and intelligence groups worldwide to access information. Our team members use that knowledge to help our clients make the best decisions.

ITP intelligence experts support missions around the world including:
  • Counterintelligence
  • Military operations (conventional and special operations)
  • Convoy operations
  • Dignitary protective services
  • Military exercises
  • Criminal investigations
Timely Response
With our continuous monitoring service and on call team members, we can provide information analysis and feedback to our clients so they can make timely strategic decisions.

ITP Focuses on Actionable Intelligence

intelligence cycleData is collected from the environment, filtered, analyzed, and converted into actionable intelligence.