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Buying GSA through ITP (An Overview)

GSA’s streamlined ordering procedures have reduced the tedious, time-consuming government procurement process to a few simple steps. GSA has accomplished this by pre-qualifying vendors to perform a wide range of services. GSA has reviewed vendor qualifications, capabilities, and cost schedules in advance of the need for services, and identified these vendors, by type of service on its Advantage! Website. This pre-qualification is valid for all organizations in the federal government and other governmental agencies (e.g. state and local governments as implemented through their procurement regulations). The entire procurement process can be completed in as little as a few days (a link to a tutorial on the process for your procurement personnel is located on the home Website, GSA Advantage, as well as a news release describing the new e-Buy RFQ tool launched in August, 2002).

To obtain GSA MAS Schedule services and products, Federal agencies work directly with approved GSA MAS contractors such as ITP. For delivery orders under $2,500, agencies can order services simply by placing an order directly with their contractor of choice. For delivery orders over $2,500, agencies use the following simplified procedure for placing an order:

Step 1:

Customer prepares the Performance-Based Statement of Work (SOW) that addresses work to be accomplished, deliverables, period of performance, and other applicable requirements;

Step 2:

Customer issues a Request for Quotes (RFQ) to three approved GSA MAS vendors. The vendors submit their proposals, or a “no bid” response to the customer’s contracting organization;

Step 3:

Customer conducts a review and selects the best value contractor, and;

Step 4:
Customer places a delivery order directly with the selected contractor.

If desired, GSA Regional Offices are available to assist the agency during the procurement process under a fee-for-service arrangement, but GSA is not required to be involved in any of the steps outlined above.

If you have any questions or interest in utilizing this simplified procurement mechanism that is suitable for any sized project, please contact Tom James (505 796-0996),, to discuss your needs.

link to GSA Advantage