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Buying GSA through ITP (An Overview)

The GSA MAS (Multiple Awards Schedule) is a streamlined procurement vehicle available to federal agencies and other government organizations for obtaining services from pre-qualified vendors. GSA has completed the federally mandated contracting requirements — competition, pricing, small business and other contracting evaluations — normally required by federal regulations prior to obtaining services.

The ITP GSA MAS Schedule provides a broad spectrum of services focused on assisting federal agencies and other government organizations improve performance, develop long-range plans, and assess the effectiveness of systems.

On May 5, 2018 ITP was awarded a "Continuity Contract" that extends its offering for four additional five year periods through May 4, 2038. This new contract has the same SINs, Labor Categories, Labor Rates and Terms and Conditions of our previous, original contract (GS-10F-0495M). The original contract will remain in effect for previously awarded Contracts and Task Orders through the end of their Period of Performance (PoP). Our new contract, No. 47QRAA18D008Z, will be used for all new awards after May 5, 2018.

Innovative Technology Partnerships, LLC (ITP) was formed in November of 1997 to assist business, education, healthcare and government organizations in the strategic application of technology. Combined, the four partners at ITP have over 100 years of experience in the Department of Energy contractor community, and over 80 years of experience in Safeguards and Security, Transportation Safeguards, Inspection, Evaluation, Survey and Assessments, Emergency Management and Training. ITP's 80 employees and over 30 team members, additional part-time and adjunct personnel, and numerous business partners offer hundreds of years of management and technical experience in a wide range of government business operations that can be drawn upon to assist during periods of stress and significant change.

If you have any questions or interest in utilizing this simplified procurement mechanism that is suitable for any sized project, please contact Tom James (505 796-0996), to discuss your needs.