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The ITP Coin of Excellence

The ITP Coin of Excellence is given on rare occasions when an ITP employee, supplier or customer exhibits behaviors and performance that epitomize the values upon which the company was founded. The coin is numbered in sequence, and is specially die cast for ITP.

  ITP Coin of Excellence   ITP Coin of Excellence  
front view
Coin of Excellence
back view
Coin of Excellence

The Eagle reflects ITP's recognition of this traditional symbol of freedom and democracy, reflecting its use in the Department of Energy (DOE), National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Office of Secure Transportation (OST – NA15) Logos, but being characterized in this particular image as an aggressive and pro-active approach to ensuring the National Security of the United States of America, a long-standing career commitment by the four ITP Principal Partners.

The snakes represent symbolically how the challenges that are presented to this nation, including terrorism, both domestic and international, will be dealt with.

The business goals that we strive to fulfill for all of our customers are reflected on the front side of the coin: demonstrated Results, and Innovation in all that we do, and Value added performance for our customers; while the core values of our company are reflected on the obverse: Integrity in everything we do, Excellence in the work we perform for our customers, Quality in our final products, and Achievement of our personal and corporate objectives.