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  Customer Testimonials  
Our Customers
Customer Testimonials Awards

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

“ITP demonstrated outstanding performance in monitoring costs, providing detailed invoices and managing their projects using strong project management techniques.”

— Eileen Beaulieu
PDP Federal Program Manager
DOE National Training Center

“ITP has developed quality products at a very reasonable price.
They are often called in at the last minute to finalize the work of their partners and do so quickly and without error. I have personally seen the ‘before and after’ version of the reports and am amazed that such
a large change in the quality of a report can be made at such a small cost. This capability ranks ITP at a level above almost all of the contractors that I have worked with in my 20-year government career."
— Jef Walker
S&S Federal Program Manager
DOE Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management

“ITP is extremely diligent in keeping costs to the lowest possible level. In fact, when proposing individuals to perform tasks, they would consistently offer those with the lower billing rate if several people with equal skills were available, so that Sandia National Laboratories' costs would be minimized.”
— Greg Miller
Independent Audit & Advisory Services Division
Sandia National Laboratories

“ITP is a valued contractor for the Office of Secure Transportation. This is due in no small part to the professionalism of their key personnel and staff. ITP's management attention to this program and contract was highly effective.”
— Katherine Weber
Contract Specialist National Nuclear Security Administration
Albuquerque Complex, Business Services Division

“ITP interfaces with external organizations such as HQ, Finance, Contracting, and others and their effectiveness has resulted in smooth and consistent work flow and coordination activities by contractor staff have prevented work delays.”
— Christopher Duran
Contracting Officer National Nuclear Security Administration Albuquerque Complex, Business Services Division

“ITP’s staff routinely produce outstanding work on very short notice, coordinating complex organizational issues in a highly experienced manner. Their quality of work is superb; their professionalism and knowledge are superb in every respect.”
— Eusebio Espinosa
Contracting Officer National Nuclear SecurityAdministration
Albuquerque Complex, Business Services Division